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DHL is not your everyday shipping company in regards to DHL courier tracking and many more services. We offer professional services in international shipping and outstanding courier delivery services. DHL Express has a wide range of express parcel and package delivery services. Moreover, DHL provides customers with a great shipping experience and a useful tracking mechanism to fulfill all the requirements for the customers.

DHL Courier Tracking

DHL offers the fastest tracking services to track your package, shipment, or cargo. Customers do not have to reach out to manual service centers or call customer services.

DHL Courier Tracking offers an online platform where customers can check the location and status of their shipment. The results are real-time and give the necessary details about the package. DHL  Tracking offers an easy way to check the status of your package.

DHL Tracking Number

Upon dispatch of a package from the source, DHL provides customers with a tracking number. That tracking number can be used to track the progress of your package. Moreover, if there is a shipment type on your package. Then customers need to select their specific shipment type then track the progress of the package. If the shipment type is different than the packages, then customers might fail to get the proper stats of their package.

DHL Tracking Services

DHL provides a variety of tracking services to maintain a professional attitude between couriers and customers.

Shipment Monitoring

One of the best ways a customer can track the package is by DHL ProView. DHL courier tracking number is required for the process to complete. Before that, the users need to have an account on the DHL express Tracking services to avail of real-time tracking services. Those with an account will receive text messages and notifications via Email on their phone. The system will inform the user about the package and its whereabouts. Every time the package gets to a new location, the customers will receive a ping from the DHL Tracking Online system.


So no matter where you are, you will get updates on your shipment 24/7. This is important if you have a business associate and keep them up to date all the time. To monitor your shipment, the account number is a necessity.

DHL Tracking Tools

The tracking for the DHL courier system offers a wide range of useful tools for customers to make use of. The DHL international courier tracking system works on a real-time basis of every piece of information that is accurate and new. Customers receive the information directly to their mobile devices or their computers.

DHL eTrack

DHL eTrack is an exclusive DHL Global courier tracking service that can track up to 50 express shipments in real-time. The tracking process is simple and it works on all the electronic communication devices which have access to the internet. Moreover, the tracking system has a multi-language perk that enables the notification or status of your package in your native language. The customers receive a full shipment report within a few minutes of request. Users can download the information draft as well for future guidance. The information keeps updating every time the shipment receives a new destination.

DHL Tracking System

DHL provides various ways for the customers to keep informed about their package status and location. Moreover, the time to reach its destination makes customers plan ahead. This also enables business firms to keep their colleagues up to date with the delivery of goods. Some of the DHL services include:

DHL ExpressSMS

The DHL ExpressSMS services allow the user to keep track of a single shipment via mobile phone. The process is simple, just text your waybill number to DHL and we will respond to your request immediately. You will receive an SMS containing information about the package or shipment within a few seconds. You can share this information with your business associates and keep them up to date on the progress.

How to use DHL ExpressSMS – DHL Express Courier Tracking Status

Online DHL courier tracking Status tells the current location of your package. The process requires SMS, send your waybill number to +44 7720334455. You will receive a status update on your package in a matter of seconds.

DHL ExpressWAP

Customers will need a device that has a WAP feature to avail of this service. You can track your shipment anywhere in the globe. The process takes only a short amount of time to deliver your information. DHL ExpressWAP provides DHL courier tracking the USA, DHL courier tracking the UK, and much more. You will need a DHL tracking courier reference number.

DHL Global Courier Tracking – DHL ExpressWap

On your phone enter on a web browser. There, you need to select a tracking option. Be sure to have your waybill number ready to enter. Enter your waybill number and select the language as well. Push on the “Track” button to begin tracking. You will get an immediate and quick response from the server. All the information about your package will be in front of you.

DHL SpeedTracking

Tracking the DHL Express courier is easy with DHL SpeedTracking. The DHL SpeedTracking function enables users to track a maximum of 5 shipments at a time. The system provides DHL Global Courier Tracking of shipment.


DHL operates worldwide with efficiency and perfection. DHL is one of the most famous courier firms in the globe. The aims is to provide complete customer satisfaction with each delivery.


DHL provides electronic proof of the deliveries with an image of the signature of the receiver.


Online DHL tracking is quick and responsive. DHL gives package information within seconds by various means of communication.


DHL Express is globally recognized as one of the best exporters and importers of products. DHL offers all the necessary requirements for huge import and export deals.


  1. Is tracking without a tracking number possible?

Yes, you can use the shipper’s reference number to track your package. However, we strongly advise keeping good care of your tracking number.

  1. What if I do not receive my package on time?

If this happens, please contact the DHL service center. It might be a case where little information was provided about the destination of the package.

  1. Is it possible to get tracking information about all of the shipments in my account?

Yes, you can get tracking information on all of your packages via DHL ProView.

  1. How will I receive notification about my package?

There are two ways of notifying customers, SMS, and Email.

  1. Why does the system show my waybill number is invalid?

The number is 10 digits, make sure to double-check it before entering and also select the correct shipment type.

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