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Pakistan Post tracking and office is a state endeavor committed to giving a wide scope of postal items and open administrations. It is the chief national postal communication service connecting and holding together a huge nation with an enormous amount of people. A genuine seal of the alliance, it is focused on Serving each one, consistently, all over the place. Pakistan Post Office is one of the most seasoned government offices in the Sub-Continent. After the freedom from Great Britain, it is working as the Department of Post and Telegraph to this very day. It is probably the biggest business in Pakistan having more than 49,502 representatives.

Pakistan Post Tracking

Aside from the customary postal services it provides to the country, it has a wide range of banking functionalities, providing funds for life insurance and a huge variety of services to the public.

Pakistan Post Office gives a broad scope of items and an efficient Pakistan Post Tracking mechanism. Pakistan Post helps the carious section of the society with the services and opportunities. These services are the heart of the operation of Pakistan Post.


Coverage Areas

Pakistan Post Office comprises a system of 13,419 post offices working efficiently day and night. There are about 76 GPOs and 48 DMOs. There are 3 exchange offices with core management nodes located in Lahore and Islamabad.


Our motivation is to give each family head member and business across Pakistan the capacity to communicate directly and direct business with one another and the world productively and monetarily.

Pakistan Post Tracking Services

track the pakistani courier services

Pakistan Post Tracking provides several useful and efficient services across the country.

UMS – Urgent mail Service

The UMS is reliable and quick. The delivery process takes one night and the next day the package gets to its destination. Urgent packages like documents etc. receive outstanding services via UMS. It is the quickest and easiest way to get what you need on time and on the spot.

Pakistan UMS Tracking Local

To keep your mind at ease, we provide a quick Pakistan UMS Tracking Local system. This enables users to track their precious parcels. Moreover, you can also guess the time it would take for the package to reach you. If the package is moving or circling unusually, please do not worry. The team is providing the best possible route for your UMS request. It will reach you on time regardless. You can track the precise location of shipment with Pakistan UMS Tracking Local.

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UMS Requirements

  • The weight limit is 30 kilograms
  • The size limit is 1.5 meters
  • The area limit is 2.0 meters

To avail of UMS, the package must meet the minimum requirement. UMS is best for urgent document delivery services and services alike. Moreover, things that have a monetary value over 2000/- Rupees shall not be sent by UMS. The service rejection is according to the rules and regulations of the department engaging in UMS. The users should be aware of the terms and conditions before availing of the UMS service.

Pakistan Post Office EMS

For brief transmission and rapid conveyance of postal articles, Express Mail Service (EMS) is offered from Major local areas for 104 nations of the world. Many of the documents are sent via EMS along with the delivery of various products like packets or parcels etc. EMS has a load capability of 30 kilograms; anything above the load threshold does not receive delivery clearance.

Pakistan Post Office tracking EMS is a service to avail for free to track the progress of the delivery. Pakistan Post Office tracking EMS requires a tracking ID. The customers will get the ID at the time of delivery. Customers can use that ID to track their package.

Pakistan Post Tracking ID

Pakistan Post Tracking ID is a requirement for the tracking package. The customers will receive a complete tracking ID after the delivery procedures start. Customers will not be able to track the progress of their packages with a tracking ID. In such circumstances please contact our service centers to get further assistance.

COD Services

COD, cash on delivery services are also available at the Pakistan post office. It is one of the most promising services that a delivery firm can provide. Arrangement of such services is turning out to be increasingly significant, as we probably are aware of the idea of electronic media, and web-based shopping is picking up its pace as time passes.

The COD framework is intended to meet the necessity of people/organizations who wish to pay for goods sent to them at the hour of receipt of the goods/package identifying with them and meet the prerequisites of dealers/sellers and other people who wish to recuperate, thanks to the mail station the estimation of articles provided by them.

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Same Day Delivery

Pakistan Post can deliver in 24 hours. There is a limitation of cities that can avail of same-day delivery service. Please check the list of cities to get more information on the service.



The delivery rates are cheap in comparison with some other delivery firms in Pakistan.

EMS & UMS services

Pakistan post office provides efficient and quick EMS & UMS services.


Pakistan post office provides a promising feature of cash on delivery. Customers can be safe from scams or frauds using such a service. The courier will only receive the payment when the receiver checks the package and all of its contents.


Pakistan post office also provides FAX mail service across the country.


How can I get Window delivery services?

Customers can avail of this service in all the non-post box areas.

What if the address is incomplete on the package?

The package containing an incomplete address will return to the post office. The post office will keep the package for seven days in case a new and complete address is provided. After seven days the package will be sent back to the sender’s address.

What are the basic requirements of a package?

The package should contain the complete address of the receiver. The package should not weigh more than 30 kilograms as per the rules and regulations of the firm.

How do I send money and other monetary value items?

The customers should send money or things having a monetary value via Inland Post Insured. Customers cannot send this package in ordinary letters.

What if the tracking system responds with a false result?

The tracking system requires a tracking number. If the number is accurate there will be no results on the screen. Please enter the correct tracking number to track the package.

What is a delivery note used for? 

The dispatch note is used to send packages across the country. They are available for free. Customers are to enter the required data on the dispatch note.

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